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The low emission (Low-E) double glazing consist of two pieces of glass from which one glass contains invisible composition of metal elements the so called low emission coating. A thin, invisible lets light and solar energy diffuse inside but at the same time it prevents the heat output. The gap between the two glazing can be filled up with noble gas so as to further reduce the heat transfer factor Ug.


There are many different types of mirrors. In different colors, such as bronze-antique, glazed, white mirrors and other colors as well such as white, purple, grey, yellow, golden, red and blue. They can be constructed with wooden or aluminum frame or you can just install it mirror frameless with polished or plastered edges. Add some lighting so that your mirror can transform the place radically. Also you can form your surfaces according to your tastes in every coloration with the glass surfaces of Lacobel.

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The glass cabins for showers are constructed with resistant materials and they can offer a feeling of intimacy and luxury. They are elegant and functional, something that makes them be the first choice both in new homes and renovations as well. Protection, waterproofing and easy cleaning is some of their basic features. There is a big variety in designs, colors and accessories, with opening or sliding doors or even fixed parts without doors.


The glass shelter is a clever solution since every construction can offer a different result depending on your demands. Minimal constructions, metal or stainless bases, reverse hanging, shading film and many other choices so that your shelter can offer you much more than just protection from the rain.

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Shape smartly and economically the professional places, gathering places or public places such as locker rooms or even WCs. Folding constructions or fixed glazing in every kind of design of sandplast, inner film or digital printing.



The construction of a patio as well as a glass floor is not something simple since it requires a structural design, proper design and the choice of the appropriate materials. Our consultants can give you solutions and capabilities for every kind of construction. A glance at the work we have done will make you understand that nothing is impossible to be achieved, either it is a glass floor or a glass built patio.

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