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Why Progressive Screens?

Progressive Screens is the top pioneer in the motorized screen industry.
We bring you innovative design and solutions for your shading needs.
Our one of a kind, Magnatrack System (US Patent No. 9,719,292) works on a dual magnetic system and eliminates nearly 98% of common service issues associated with other motorized screens and is guaranteed to outperform any other system available.

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Bug Screens

Insect mesh is ideal where bugs are a problem, this mesh type also reduces up to 50% of UV rays. Insect mesh also features a higher openness factor, which gives you more ventilation and visibility to the outside. Special meshes to deal with no see ums and other tiny insects are available.

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Solar Screens

Privacy mesh and fabrics Blocks between 80-100% of UV rays, and is available in multiple screen colors and openness factors depending on your airflow requirements. White and light colored fabrics are reflective of light and provide complete privacy during the day but at night they have a reverse effect. Black and dark colors are absorbent of light and provide the best visibility day and night. 

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Vinyl Screens

Our MagnaTrack Commercial system with Clear vinyl window panels create the perfect transitional living space to entertain your guests throughout the year. In colder months it reduces heat loss, while in the warm months it helps contain the air flow from the home and extends the outdoor living area.

Innovators of Shade

Durability, Protection, and performance, our patented MagnaTrack system is like no other and will outperform any other in the industry.

The Innovative System that outperforms, protects, and enhances your outdoor experience.

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