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Bromic's range of radiant heaters offer exceptional functionality attractively encased in durable materials, offering industry leading wind resistance and performance without compromising design.

  • Bromic are the only manufacturer in the world to offer a full range of heating solutions, providing a number of choices in wall-mounted gas and electric heaters along with a portable gas heater to allow practically unlimited flexibility.

  • Efficiency – Compared with the industry standard “dome” or “mushroom” style mobile heaters, Bromic heaters do not experience vertical heat loss, instead heating directionally to service up to twice the area per heater. This allows for a reduction in energy consumption as well as increased floor space for the customer (less heaters overall means more room for socializing and relaxing).

  • Wind Resistance Rating – Bromic offer’s the highest wind resistance on the market. Our patented wind deflection technology allows Bromic heaters to reliably resist gusts of up to 11mph and still stay lit. We are confident that they can withstand much more than that but should the flame falter, all wall-mounted heaters incorporate automatic re-ignition while portable solutions automatically cease supply of gas.

  • Heat capacity – Bromic heaters pack a huge punch in a compact package, able to outshine the competition with fewer units in the same space.

  • Commercial construction – Bromic Heaters are designed and constructed with the commercial industry in mind, meaning that they will stand up to the rigors of everyday use and abuse and not lose their excellent performance.

  • Support – Bromic has a dedicated technical team on hand to help with any issues that arise. This includes our free design service – simply send in plans, photos, or dimensions and our engineers will create an optimized plan to suit your space.

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