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Bevolo lanterns are made to last a lifetime. Lights we built over 70 years ago are still burning in the French Quarter today! No other company can compare to the hand-crafted, high quality fixtures we create every day in the heart of the French Quarter in Louisiana. If you want a high quality lantern that lasts a lifetime, made by real craftsmen, you want a Bevolo lantern.

Since 1945, Bevolo has been manufacturing the highest quality traditional, antique, and custom designed hand-made lighting fixtures. Today, Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights is the largest manufacturer of hand-made, open-flame copper lanterns in the world. Bevolo prides itself in the five areas that have made us who we are over the years.


Why Bevolo?

  • Customization - We care about putting the correct size and style on your home

  • Quality- Bevolo Lanterns are lifetime fixtures and will be the last you will ever have to buy

  • Beauty - Bevolo Lanterns only increase in beauty as the copper ages

  • Continuity- We never discontinue a style of light

  • Riveted - Aviation technology is the root of our hand riveted lights' strength

  • Sustainable- The purest copper has a projected life of 300 years

  • Efficiency - Our lights feature the most energy efficient burner in the world

  • Longevity - Lifetime burners and secondary baffling systems ensure operability in any climate/environment

  • Locally Made - We are proud to be not only American made, but Louisiana made in Orleans, Jefferson and St. Tammany Parishes!

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